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Zachary Rosenthal | Ohio | Turtle Conservation Project in Costa Rica
"Rafting, rappelling, and surfing all kept my blood pumping with exhilaration while community service kept my heart beating with compassion. They say you've never lived until you do something for someone who could never repay you, and well, they were right."
Morgan Zee | Hong Kong | Hill Tribe Service and Elephant Conservation
“Not only did I learn more about our global community by immersing myself in this different culture, but I also developed lifelong relationships with people from across the globe. Whether I was carrying water in the villages, playing with the local children, or building the school, there was always something to learn. It was great to be surrounded by such passionate and motivated individuals.”
Kimberly White, Lark's mom | Virginia | Sun, Sand, and International Service in Fiji
"From beginning to end, the experience was professional, efficient, exciting and fulfilling. Having never traveled such a distance before, Lark might have had justifiable anxiety. However, the information Rustic provided along with the support parents received, allayed any fears we might have had."